Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh make up.

how i love you.
You make me look awake and alive when im kinda dying on the inside <3

i have to close tonight... sucky.... oh and also its south prom today... i know im bound to bump into someone i know tonight..... pft.
Rachel called me up this morning and asked me to do her make up for her. i should probably head over there soon.

but heres a little recap on yesterday/last night.
So around 1 or so everyone loaded up all the equipment we needed
monitors, mics, chords, stands... blah blah blah

and we headed out to the roxy.
When we got there, jazz band was still rehearsing, but it was cool to listen.

James is leaving me next year :[ oh how i'll miss him.
During sound check everyone kept laughing at the stupid little sexual innuendos going on. For example for James mic check song he sang a slow ballad that had the line "you penetrate my soul.." and i started giggling. Then later on T was talking about mic technique and pulling the mic away from your face and stuff and she said something like "don't be afraid to pull out..." and michael and Kat were crackin up. Oh i love those guys.

Concert went really well. i had 2 scat solos and pretty much died during the last song because davey took the song about 5 times faster than usual and he knew it. it was a blast though. thanks for you guys who came out, it means a lot :]

Speaking of davey, he has a show tonight out in fremont and im debating on whether or not i should go. I get off of work around 10 or so and his set doesnt start till like 11:30. So i would have time to drive out there. I'll call him during break though to figure out whats going on.
K, im going to rachels house to go to her make up for tonight.

g'bye darling.

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