Thursday, May 1, 2008


So a few days ago i was talking to marifel and she told me what John said about me during my confirmation on monday.
It went something along the lines of....

"Marifel, look at Kim......
She looks so Innocent....

Hahaha. whatta asshole.i love him to death though.

Yesterday i was killing time and started looking at my backup files for my computer and i ran across old pictures from High School. All i can say is "oh god."
why didn't someone shoot me in the foot back then?
I was an obnoxious piece of shit.
Still am, but not so much.
This picture was from senior year of high school. God Lord. How i ever manage to attract a guy is beyond me.
I have class in an hour and a half. I'm in T's office chillin. I think im gonna go see if anyone wants to go get lunch.

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