Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is what i think about you.

So yesterday was pretty fuckin interesting, but all in all, it was a pretty bum day :[

I got to lecture class on time, thats fuckin rare. Didn't really do anything in Anatomy today. Learned why people loose their motor function when they're drunk and why they aren't able to touch their nose in the field sobriety tests. Ha, sucky.

After anatomy was over i didn't really have anything to do until scholarship auditions. So Kat and I went to Old Navy to pick up her pay check and shop. I bought a really cute pair of new black flats for 10 bucks. Sweet. Had a good talk to Kat in the car about a few things while we were on our way back to school. ALSO realized that i was supposed to sing for Teri's wedding the next day and they had me scheduled to work from open till 5. So i called shan and told her, she was pretty pissed.... actually still is pretty pissed about it. She called me while i was at Kats bonfire and bitched me out.
I tried everything that i could to help her out; i called up people to see if they could play the song for her cause it was a pretty easy tune, i looked on itunes for a accompaniment that was in the right key and bought it so that she would be able to use it tomorrow. I felt horrible for having to bail out last minute, but im not going to ask for a day off when they are going to train me, its unprofessional. Sorry.

Anyways, after school i went home for a bit and got all my shit together for tomorrow ( i was planing on spending the night over at veronicas house ) and went over to Kats place for the bonfire. It was really nice :] It was cool just hanging out with everyone and it was just sooo chill. We had some awesome smores and played on a trampoline; even though i was in a dress, such a trooper right? ha. I left a little early though to go over to Chaz's birthday party. He's 19 now. WOOT. Happy birthday bud. By the time i got there everyone was smashed, it was ridiculous and everyone was all over each other in front of everyone else. It was kinda gross. It was really nice to see all the guys again (because its been so long since i've seen everyone) and it was cool meeting new people, but i just realized why i'm not so much into the party scene anymore. Some shit went down and i spent most of my time talking to people outside. Then i realized that i locked my keys in my car when i went to go change, so i had to have Jeff drop me over to Veronicas place and then we had to go to my house at fuckin 1 in the morning and make up some lame excuse as to why i needed the spare.

whew. So all in all yesterday had its ups, but a lot of downs.
Now i have to go to work. i hope its still sunny by the time i get off.

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