Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few pictures from the most ridiculous weekend ever....

So Christal flew in this week and wanted to do some touristy things....
Her first day in, we went walked down the water front, and then this weekend we went bar hopping in Pioneer Square and Belltown... Here are some pictures from the weekend that i can't remember, but wont forget.
This weekend summed up in some words...
Homie Hoppin', iPhone stealing, bar tender flirting, bartender remembering, drunk sign language, drunk text/calls/emails, and clingy ass men.... photo evidence thanks to Christal.

Christal and her damn Penguin obsession...

Me and my Damn Cat obsession

James and Christal on the ferry, getting ready for the Brown Kid Reunion

"Why your eyes soo small??!! You drunk?!?" - Christ and my hand @ Marcus'

Dropping James off at the Ferry.

Already drunk... one of the many people i met this weekend.. Meet Army Jordan :P

This guy was awesome... Meet Dan- oh and im still drunk and signing "Bitch!" haha

After the bar on friday we went back to Dans work a few blocks away... Christal puke her guts out and the boys had to carry her to the couch from the bathroom... she was here majority of the night till we left at 6 AM. LMFAO

And the only picture from my super drunken night... Christal and Me and the Last Supper Club; the combination of her face and my tits got us in for free.... HAHAHA.