Thursday, August 20, 2009


things are starting to fall into place. After a long spring/summer of disappointments things are starting to look up. im so excited.

I did not get into the University that i wanted to, I didn't get to move out with my best friend like i had hoped to, but after all of this i still managed to get things together.

I have a possibility to get to work for Bank of America, i just need to get through the background check and personal interview with a branch manager..... BoA is looking for locations for me to interview at.

I am going to be more focused on school; since university wasn't an option this year i am going to go to Cascadia Community College to do a couple classes a quarter and to get my GPA up, then hopefully next year will be better.

I am going to move out into the city on September 1st. I am moving into a house with Davey and his roomates... they're all musicians, which is great for me since between work and school i won't be able to do jazz next year like i had hoped to.

I am so glad that things seems to be turning around.