Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whats up greater Seattle area?

So yesterday was cool. Veronica and I went out to some tattoo shops out in Seattle to get some estimates for birthday tattoos. It was way too fuckin hot yesterday, it was kinda ridiculous.
We went to Arayas Vegetarian Place for lunch... we ate at the buffet and it was fuckin amazing ass food :D. I have pictures from lunch. You'll notice as the pictures progress you can see our facial expressions change from happy to extremely full, all within the course of one plate of food. LMAO.

Some shops that we went to are...
Deep Roots on the Ave
Slave to the Needle in Wallingford
Slave to the Needle in Ballard
and then Anchor Tattoo in Ballard.
i think im liking Anchor tattoo out in ballard the best.

I'm watching "The Onion News" with veronica right now. So here are some pictures from yesterday. I'll post some ridiculous video up when they're uploaded as well.

Enjoy, lovelies <3

On the Ferry
"My names Veronica... and im cute."


You meet some creeps on the bus.
Imma Happy Camper @ Arayas :D
Veronica was too.
Till we ate a little too much
This was me after one plate.
She does that when she's hungry.
Out in Ballard
The wheat feild!

It was too hot. We had to stop and sit in the shade.
This girl on the ferry had Fred Flinstone Feet. EWWW

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's happening.

I'm beginning to lose track of my days of the week.
It's happening.

it's summer time!

Friday, June 27, 2008

For Marifel

because i know you die a little when you come here and read the same blog 5 times in a row! LMAO.
bitch, i love you <3

Mark keeps on testing me, and truth be told, it's getting on my nerves a little. I feel like he's trying a little too hard. This is one case where my phrase would not be applied... hey mark how about we DON'T try a little harder. dude, give me some room to breathe. None of this "what are you doing tomorrow? well what about they day after that?!?" GAHHHHH i hate guys. They're lame. pft.

Anyways, a lot of stuff is coming up that im really excited for, but sad for at the same time.
For example, christals "fancy smanshy dinner" (as she would refer to it as) is coming up, but then again it just means that shes leaving sooner :(
Veronica's birthday is coming up, which means, new tattoos and night time seattle excursions, but a drain in my bank account. ouch ouch ouch.

well i need to go to the mall.

Monday, June 23, 2008

more. More, MOOOORRRREE!

This goes along with the "Death and Cupcakes" video.

i didn't know how to open the bag.

Veronica helped me AFTER she took pictures.

and another

The face kills me.

To Bitchy Co-Worker <3


Death is Decorating cupcakes!

tee hee

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Death and cupcakes

this is the result of....

shitty days at work
indulging in baked goods
still being awake @ 2:30 in the morning
gauze scarfs
and Family Guy.

Yeah, i know. Veronica and Me are pretty much ridiculous.

Friday, June 20, 2008

this is what we do

before work and while waiting for men to repair windshields :]

now off to the stone!

i forgot you.

i'm sorry.
nothing is really going on in the life of kim.
Besides the ridiculous predicaments that incorporate me and boys who are trying to get back into my life. UGH. Please refer to previous blogs to see how i feel about you dudes.... dickfaces.

Went shopping on monday with Christal, James, and Jaci. We went to Southcenter and Westlake and i spend a ridiculous amount of money. But i did manage to buy a new dress from American Apparel, which makes me really really happy :D. Oh, and we listened to the new Coldplay all day too. James says our song for that day was "Strawberry Swing." Good Choice babycakes.

Summer is coming along quite nicely, besides my shitty work hours. Veronica's birthday is coming up soon, which means new tattoos. And also im going to gauge my cartilage sometime soon, so that i can get a new earring for my rook. And a possible tragus piercing soon?
Well see.

Wanna see how ridiculous me and my friends are...? Yes...? READ
Marifel wanted to borrow something to wear tonight, because shes going out to dinner @ PFCHANGS and this is how a little bit of our conversation went.

kimberlie says:
you dont mind if shit needs to be ironed right?
kimberlie says:
marifel says:
i can do that shit.
marifel says:
kimberlie says:
gimme a minute and ill go grab some shit
marifel says:
as long as it doesn't smell like sex.
marifel says:
marifel says:
kimberlie says:
kimberlie says:
i dont have sex in dresses anymore.
kimberlie says:
just skirts!!!!!!!!!!
marifel says:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is what i do...

when i use my webcam.
So what?!
Yes we're kinda ridiculous!
AND WHAT???!!!

yes these were taken in one setting.
SIDENOTE: so a certain someone called me today and after talking to them for a while i kinda realized why i was so whishy washy when it came to romantic feelings for him. I know for sure that im not attracted to you in that way because you remind me of my ex boyfriends... except a little worse, which is kinda hard to accomplish. So congratulations on that one dude!

Remind me, when did i become such an asshole?
night lovelies <3

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interesting night.

I'm not sure what to think about the situation. I'm about 75% sure that the things that you're saying to me is Grade A bullshit. But i think its the optimistic side of me that has the other 25%. Are things just going to be a repeat of last summer? Because all of that was bullshit... you knew it, i knew it. I'm in no mood to be fucked with. But i'm wondering if everything is a result of karma, yeah it might be coming back to haunt me. You even said to me last night that our situation was "complicated and was never really analyzed... but who says that you need to analyze our situation anyways? I'm in no rush to get into a relationship with you.... or anyone else for that matter. Like a good friend of mine once told me, i need to take care of my shit first. Why add more to the load when i know that it'll just fuck everything that i've been working on, right??!

It was exactly a year ago today and Jarrid and I broke up. Am i a freak for memorizing dates like that? Well anyways..... its kinda amazing to think of how far i have come from that point in my life. I was a mess, a wreck, yes i hit an all time low. Take a look at me now.... i feel much more independent. I look back on that relationship and realized now that i was abused. Kinda late, but better late than never. Yes, i'm not afraid to say it, i was emotionally abused, and continued to let it happen over and over again... because he "loved me." But i know now that there was NO EXCUSE for some of the shit that he pulled.

So what do i do now? Do i give you a chance? Do i give you a chance to see if you're actually sincere about our situation? If i do things might work out.... things might not. If things work out, cool, awesome, whatever. But i'm not sure if i want to risk being broken down again.

Guys are lame.

Anyways, enough of that. Here are some pictures from last night.
Partying on friday the 13th... PFT: what were we thinking?!? LOL
May i add that i didn't drink last night, and i haven't done so for a while.
Im fairly proud <3

Anthony and me.He wanted to give me a hug :]

Marifel (Gone) and Veronica (not gone)

Me, Jeff (obviously GONE), and Veronica. LOL

Marifel and me.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Count 'em

Pictures from a ridiculously fun wednesday afternoon.

Only things i need during Seattle excursions.
Granny Glasses.

Veronicas creeep face. "Want some cannndy??"

Seaweed Salad = <3

"i wish i was a little more asian!"

Sometimes i take good pictures.

"This is gonna be really awkward..."

Going home.

this yan yan stick says "Chicken: KOKEKOKKO"

this yan yan stick says "Whale: BIGGESY MAMMAL"

The people who make Yan Yans need to hire and Editor.
It was a fabulous day.