Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mmmhmm :]

I really need to start checking the schedule at work. James called me up this morning and im working from 1 to 9; thus i can't go to the BBQ with everyone today. Kinda sucks, but atleast im getting paid.
Just a little update on here. So Veronica went to folklife yesterday and brought home a present. When we got to her house she handed me this piece of paper that had a whole buncha Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants around Seattle. Yay. Thats awesome because i always have a hard time finding somewhere to eat out with my friends because of my trial vegetarian period. But this is awesome.
I already have some places picked out.

Araya's Vegetarian Place
Mighty-o's Cafe
Vegan Garden
In the Bowl

just to name a few.
Well i think i need to go home to pick up some pants for work.
Then im having french fries and Vegetarian hot dogs for lunch with veronica :]

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