Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gimme more.

Random Pictures from this weekend and a little update.

Top Left: Chante & Me at Green River CC during the Social.
Right: Friday night @ Johns house. I was standing on a stool and anthony gave me money to buy food. HAHA he was sooo drunk.
Bottom Left: Group picture from johns on friday.
Right: On the ferry to Seattle on Saturday morning.

An update that most of you won't get.....

Dear you,

I wish i knew how to help you, but i can't. I know what the problem is, you know that the problem is. We both know how to fix it. But ultimately you know thats its up to you to do so. I don't like seeing you like this. Rarely do i ever get to see you like this and honestly, it kills me a little. So please just do me a favor and think about things. Sit back and think everything through. Think of whats on the line. You deserve better and i know that deep down you know that you do. Don't settle for less. Please, won't you try and do this for me? But more importantly do this for yourself. i love you.

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