Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bon Fire.

I like how i was pretty much falling asleep while i was driving home from Kats house, but now im just wasting time fucking around on myspace and blogger. oh goodness.
I smell like smoke because of the bon fire. My shins pretty much caught on fire tonight, but whatever, thats cool. Atleast i didnt get a piece of wood in my eye because of michael trying to put more wood into the fire like last time.
Im really tired.... ill blog tomorrow about the last concert and whatnot.
I have to work tomorrow... why the fuck am i still up?!?!

But before i forget... let me put this in here.

I had the strangest dream last night and you were in it.
I dind't like it... i woke up feeling very uncomfortable because of what happened in the dream.... i know i shouldn't let it phase me, but it was just really awkward and weird. Yes it happened in real life, but i don't like to think about that.
It was just weird because its not something that i can avoid. I see you everyday.... HONESTLY??! Every fuckin day.
It weirded me out. I still don't understand why i had that dream. Why, why why?!? Is my subconscious mind trying to tell me something? Maybe i just suppressed what happened back in april and i wasn't supposed to. Maybe im supposed to work things out or something.
Fuck me for being all self righteous and shit.
It was weird to spend pretty much the whole day with you after pretty much reliving what happened a few months ago.
I was drunk..... so were you. Drinking that night was just a bad idea.
or maybe im just over analyzing everything because thats what females do..... who fuckin knows man.

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