Wednesday, April 30, 2008

upcoming dates

I have some really fun stuff coming up this weekend and also next week as well. Here's whats going down.

Friday, May 2nd.
Louie and Richie come home from school.

Saturday, May 3rd
Getting a new piercing
I got a little under 100 $ for my confirmation on monday so i'm going to get my tragus pierced.
David Neely is flying up here from Hawaii to do a show
I sent him a message on myspace saying that i wanted to see him while he was here. Got his number and told me to call him when i was in Seattle. WOOT.
Game works and a movie w/ my favorites in Seattle.
since louie and richie are back home and they don't come to this side of the mountain too often, we planned a seattle date.

Tuesday, May 6th
Ludo, the Lonely Forrest, & Tennis Pro @ Chop Suey
Veronica won me tickets on Monday & they just called to Confirm today. cool.

Thursday, May 8th
Jazzline Performance.

Friday, May 9th
Summit @ Green River C.C
it's for Chamber Choir.

Saturday, May 10th
Singing for Teris Wedding
Shan asked me to play and sing with her for Teris wedding. I think we're doing The Nearness of You. I still need to figure out how to play it.

pretty much.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


woke up late for class.
fucking 45 minutes late!

Don't have class till 10 now.
I'm so tempted to just lay around for a little while.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

So my favorites (John, Anthony, Veronica, Marifel, and Keish) and I are at Antons house and the girls and I wanted some condoms so we were looking in anthonys room and we're unsucessful. But we found a whole buncha interesting stuff instead.
So we took pictures and were just whoring on his webcam.
So we have like a billion pictures.

I guess everyone is coming over to my house tonight and we're watching movies and shit like that. My house is gonna be packed tonight because anthony is bringing a girl over, adrian is coming over and so is reslyn. Hmmm, sounds like tonight is gonna be chill.

Things that we found in Anthonys room : Big ass Random Flower, Go Cart card, BCG's, a wooden flute, Protein powder, and tickets for the nutcracker.

am i?

So yesterday at the hotel i was talking to Kat and Joey, and they both said that they were surprised with me because of the music that i listen to. I was listening to some hardcore music on Kats computer. I asked why they were surprised and they said that they were surprised because when they think of me, they think of a total girly girl and whatnot.

When I think of my personality, i think im pretty much a boy in a girls body which huge knockers. Then i look at shit like this and i realize that i am a girly girl on the outside.

oh good lord.
It's beautiful out today. I think i wanna go to Point Defiance today.

Friday, April 25, 2008


There is a small piece of broken glass that i just fuckin stepped on!
gr, all i wanted to do was to put on my shoes and go outside of the hotel for a little while.
contemplate the meaning of life or something.

and i get a shard of glass in my foot.
cool. assholes >_<

k, im going out now.
just wanted to complain about that one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You're a WHORE. A Jazz whore.

What a good day. I love jazz music. I love my friends. & I love being in new places.

We performed really well actually. We were one of the last groups to perform and we got a lot of good comments. One thing that i noticed about the vocal jazz out here and over in the northwest is that they are very different; they kinda have a poppy style here, like we definately have a different sound than groups from around here. But it was cool to get a chance to listen to different groups. I got the feature solo.... i'm not gonna lie, with a little help from someone, perhaps a muse for being passionate about that song. Yes, i thought about you.
K so on that same note, i hate jazz music at the same time because lyrics for most jazz songs kill me. I thought about you.... and i hate that i thought about you. ugh.

anyways, we leave to go back to washington tomorrow. I have to say that the weather here is really nice, but i miss Port ochard. I will miss these comfy beds though. oh yeah, chante kicked me last night because i got too close to her. I explained that when i sleep with someone else i just want to cuddle. LMAO.
She kicked me so hard that i woke up; i was too tired to get angry with her though. ha.

Lastly, we got to watch take6 tonight, which was pretty much amazing, and im kinda in love with Christian from the group <3

Here's a little background on there pictures.
1)Chante and Me whoring it up in the bathroom after i changed outta my skank dress. SIDE NOTE: its wayy to short and too boobie! I need to buy a new one, i got eye raped like 50 times :X

2) Davey used to be a cheerleader when he was in high school. Can't you tell? In out hotel room. Davey lifting up tony while richard katty spot him. In daveys words "things to do while you're drunk." Last night.

3) A picture from dinner tonight. Daveys beer. Don't worry, i didn't sneek a drink.

4) Lunch time today. I had a bag of pretzels and a whole buncha water. Apparently The University of Northern Colorados mascot are the bears. So this is my impression of a bear <3. href="">
5) Half of the group at dinner tonight.
Michael, James, Michelle, Joey, Chante, Zach, Andrew, Olivia, Katty, and Chrissi.

I'm leaving you with a little snippit of Jazz lyrics that made me love/hate it at the same time.
" Because of one carress, my world got over turned. You could say that you're leading me on, but thats what u want you to do."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live from Colorado.

So i'm in the hotel room, i just got back from hot tubbin a little bit with everyone. I decided to leave a little early because i am seriously really tired and need to chill out because for the past 2 days i have been running on a minimal amount of sleep, i'm actually a little surprised that i can still form complete and coherent sentences.
Today has been a really chill day. We got to the airport early, so we were just chillin t the gate; doing homework, lisening to music, talking, you know. The flight wasn't all that bad either. Besides the fact that when they served me my water it tasted like someone put a whole buncha salt in it. Ick. The flight was really really short which is good because i get restless fairly easily. I have some really cute pictures from the flight and some from the airport while we were waiting. Ahem.... like the picture that can be seen on your left.

We're staying at the Hampton tonight.... the girls and i got the best room out of ALL of them. No lie :]
it's pretty darn sweet. Theres a flatscreen, 2 couches, a nice as bathroom. Theres so much room in here, seriously. We could have a party in hre if we wanted to. hehe.

But yeah. Heres whats going down tomorrow.
10:00- Lave Hotel for UNC
2- Perofrmance
We're also going to watch Take 6 peform, which i am reall really excited for :D
and we're going to a club to listen and ALSO perform our charts :]
So all in all, its gonna be a day full of good jazz music and tons of fun!

When i get home on friday, ill be out in U District to watch my brothers band perform.
So if you wanna hang out friday night, let me know.
I'm going to take a shower, i smell like chlorine, its icky.

Pretty much.

Yes, i am still up. Don't be surprised.

I got most of my packing done. Be Surprised.

I went to go look for my little suitcase and i couldn't find it anywhere.

erg. And i don't know where it is.
I'm gonna have to wait till someone else wakes up to ask them where it is.
Don't you love it when you know where something is when you don't need it, but when you do actually need it, it's nowhere to be found?
yeah, me too.

i want to get a new tattoo soon.
this is what i'm thinking (refer to picture above.)
The great wave by Hokusai

I'm gonna take a little nap till people start waking up... so i can finish packing.
yeah, i said it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I should be packing.

But i'm not.

I just finished making a Check list for things i need to pack/have for tomorrow.

I hope i didn't miss anything. I totally put sophie on my check list. I kinda take her whenever i travel (I like how i talk about her like shes a real person and not a stuffed animal.) I've had that stuffed animal ever since i started dating Jarrid. Good lord that was sooooo long ago. Shes all tattered, ripped, and the saddest excuse for a stuffed animal ever. Oh yeah, she's missing an eyeball too. So sad.

Andrew is going to pick me up @ 530 in the morning. Erg. I have a feeling that im totally not going to be able to get any sleep like i did last night. I'm not going to bring the laptop when i leave tomorrow; the result of this will be me not blogging or whoring myself out on myspace. It's like a drug, i'll probably just end up smoking more because i'll be suffereing from withdrawl or something. Is it sad that i have cigs on my check list :X Yeah, i thought so too. They'll probably take my lighter away when im at the airport.
I don't really know what im not allowed to have. I'm going to be screwed if i get up there and i have my contact solution, lotion, and ear antiseptic stuff and they tell me that im only allowed a certain fl oz of it. ergggg. I probably should check up on that stuff.
FUCK, i have so much shit to do, but i'm feeling so listless and unmotivated right now. I need to shower, pack, work on my scat solos.

I get back on friday night. My brothers show is that day. I have to say that im a little disappointed that i've never been able to make it out to one of his shows yet. Well, a lot of them are 21+ gigs, BUT the one on friday is all ages. So i'm gonna try to get to that one. My flight lands @ 6:something and i think his show starts @ 9...... it's @ UW, so i think i'll just try to make it out that way. Still need to get the ride situation figured out though.

Well i probably will try to get some stuff done for tomorrow.
I've decided that i'm gonna try to pull an all nighter and just knock out during the flight.
Did i mention how much i can't handle landing on a plane? Decreasing pressure why do you hate me so?!! Last time i went to Europe it hurt so bad that i started crying and brennan was sitting next to me; he started rubbing my back and stuff to make me feel better. Whatta sweetheart. I hope that whoever i sit next to on the flight will be just as kind to me.
Have sympathy for me damnit!

Oh, and yes i am aware that i look like a 12 yr old in that picture with sophie.
shut up.

Silly iphone.

This kinda stuff makes me happy :]
Oh iphone, you're ridiculous and know me too well.

oh god, i have to wake up in 6 hours.... why am i still up!!??

A good day.

Since everyone complains about how they are never able to read my blogs on myspace....some of you shouldn't be TRYING to read that stuff anyways.... and since i've given up on lj and xanga, i thought i would try something new. So here it is, my new and improved journal, blog, entry, thingy.

Today was a really good day for me. Got my first Anatomy and Physiology test of the quarter back and i got an 82% on it; i seirously was expecting way worse, considering the fact that the night before exam i just went to see Andrea perform and hung out with kyle till late and when i got home i didn't feel like studying. (Side note: i love run on sentences.) I took my Lab exam for wednesday today, since im leaving for Colorado on wednesday morning..... felt pretty confident about that one. Also, i went to my job interview today and it went pretty well. I have a 2nd interview tomorrow as well... ugh, i need to wear something cute again. Why am i such a fashion whore?!
Hung out with marifel after my interview and got some starbucks...mmmm iced carmel macchiatos. So apparently we went out to get starbucks yesterday as well, but i honestly have no recollection of this ever occourring. hmmm, i like how im still in my "teen" years but i have the worst memeory ever..... probably because i have too much useless shit in my head that i can't seem to fit anything else in.
Ask me about the circle of perfect 5ths; i know it like the back of my hand.
Ask me about the different types of proteins that can be found in the fluid mosaic model; i can tell you in my sleep.
But ask me about going to starbucks yesterday afternoon; in my mind it never happened.
K, so maybe my brain isn't really filled with useless shit, but still.....

Its like 12:34 and i'm waiting for my laundry to dry. Thinking about shit that i need to pack for wednesday morning. And thinking about finishing up my "Fremont Boy" song tonight.
I have class @ 9 tomorrow.... you think i would want "get some sleep" on that list.
Sleep is for the weak.