Sunday, May 18, 2008

A weird predicament

So i was at the mall earlier with the family and gayle and like always i went into forever 21 because gayle wanted to look for some new clothes for work and sophie was working today. She called me to the front counter and told me that she lost my application, but that she wanted to hire me. So im going in tomorrow morning after anatomy lecture.
This kinda sucks though, yeah i really wanted to work there, but i just started working at coldstone as well. So im not sure whats gonna happen.
We'll see what happens tomorrow when i go in.

i bought a fuckin denim jacket thing there... for like 40 dollars. its fuckin cute though.
wanna see what it looks like?!?? :]

oh and thats veronicas ass. Ha
We're going over to my house to do some anatomy and painting homework.
take it east kiddies.

oh, and i need to remember to write about getting coffee with bobby.

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