Monday, May 19, 2008

Won't you be my Neighbor?

Things in Excited for:

Possibly going to Oregon this weekend
Starting my new job
Last Jazz Concert
The new arrangement of "Won't you be my Neighbor?"
Going to Baseball games, bon fires, sunny weather.... k, so summer
A new neice
Alkai Beach with my jazz lovelies
Being one quarter away from graduating.

So i went into forever 21 today and filled out my w4s and all that good junk.
Im not sure when im going to start working, but im fairly excited for it. I've been waiting for a call back for this job and i finally got it. I am a little dissapointed that nick will be leaving in a month though, he's transfering over to the Northgate mall store. But hopefully ill be working with him next summer :]
Funny thing happened after i filled out my paperwork today. I walked into hot topic and i was thinking about buying a new CD. I was all dressed up and stuff because i had to go into work today, so i looked like a fuckin priss. The cute boy was working @ HT today and i mention something about the new blacklisted CD and he gave me this look like "wait.... YOU listen to blacklisted?!?" i love it when people can't read me like that. HA.
I whored today when i got home from school. wanna see?

I worked on fuckin Fundies homework for like 2 hours.
Fuckin shit, that was ridiculous.
Im gonna go work on some jazz music then read my employee handbook.
woo hoo.... exciting eh?!
yeah, i thought so.

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