Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh man.

Last night was possibly the worst night of sleep i have ever gotten.... like EVER.
I was like half awake the whole time, fuckin tossing and turning for hours, and not to mention it was freezing down in my room last night. erg, irritating.

Recap on past couple of days.
Monday- John, Anthony, and Marifel came over and we watched Awake. I watched it the night before, but its somewhat amusing when you watch it with other people. I was sitting next to Anthony and the whole time he kept saying "Anesthesia ON!" oh man, i love that commercial.

Tuesday- Had our performance @ Oly. We got outta Jazz early, so i went over to Jess' apartment with richard. I was cuddling with her cat, wearing my new dress from American Apparel and the cat ended up scratching up my leg. not cool. Then after our performance veronica came over and we made some awesome Kung Pao Tofu. I was happy.

Wednesday- picked veronica up from the ferry... she skipped school and we went to Albertsons to apply for Starbucks. Longest fuckin online application ever. I finished mine, but in the middle of her working on her app the power went out. It was really weird, i think the whole town went out. I called my dad to see if we had power over at our side of town and all i could hear was my mom cursing like crazy in the background. It was amusing. Power came back within 5 minutes. We watched 27 dresses over at my place and made really good spaghetti for dinner :]

I have scholarship auditions tomorrow. holy shit.
i need to get ready for school, i just wanted to tell you about my week thus far, blog <3

I go out to Seattle WAYYY too much.

Hooray for good Vegetarian food :]


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