Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my apologies.

Yes, you have been neglected and forgotten.
im sorry.
work, sleep, friends, iphone, and being a slut have taken over my life the past couple of weeks.

Not much is new.
Louie left last week..... won't be able to see him till october, possibly longer :/
Everyone is leaving for Cali this weekend.
Marifel leaves on friday.... aw ill miss my roomie
Momma leaves on Saturday (although i work from like noon to 8 that day)
then John and Anthony leave on sunday morning.... Veronica and I are dropping them off to the airport.

School starts in a little less than a month. im feeling a little apathetic towards it. i just wanna be done with school.shit son.

Heres something i found in my Journal.
not everyone will get it.
"August 7th 2008
i saw it coming. i saw myself climbing up the cliff. i saw myself go up to the ledge.... i looked down at everything before me... i contemplated coming down from a safer route... but i didn't. i stood on the ledge and peered over; once or twice i thought of how [pretty it was from up there. I didn't want to come down. i want to come down now, but theres no easy way down now. Theres only one way to get down... and its with a painful leap that will have a bad and messy ending."

Gotta get ready for work.
just thought i would let you all know that im still alive and kickin.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Undie OFF

It's like a face off..... erm, but with undies. I think marifel wins, but i have a better pose..... if that counts for anything. HAHA.
So it's myday off and im excited. Im going to get some blueberries for lunch then im going on Base with marifel to go get some make up... or something like that.

Louie lives for Iraq on sunday, so we're having a BBQ and Bon fire over at adrians house tonight. One last hangout with EVERYONE before he leaves.
I can't believe that he's going to be out there for over a year :/

erg. Well i was supposed to be at marifels like an hour ago. opps.
bye <3
Yes, it's Caprisun. Im aware im like a 12 year old. Shut up. They're good.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As of late,

life has been treating me pretty well. I got to have a girls night with BBFQ a few nights ago, which was fantastic because i haven't hung out with all of them together since new years. I thought things would be awkward with Shannon and i since we haven't spoken to each other since our little fall out back in june, but it didn't matter.
We all drank wine and talked about the most interesting things. I love that we can all have something to talk about regardless of how long its been since we all last talked, it isn't awkward at all. Im glad i have friends like that.

Work has had me stressed out because im not very good at controlling labor yet and its something that devin has had to talk to me about on several different occasions, but hopefully i can figure it out sooner rather than later.

i have to go to work now. but just thought i would tell you that life is good right now.
oh, and BTW, im going to see rock votaloto on saturday and im fairly excited for that one <3

Monday, August 11, 2008

Keep it classy please.

Girls night in last night.
I love these girls to death.

3 years and going strong suckas!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


i cut myself while i was cleaning the stone last night at work.
i love cleaning that store

BUT on a lighter note, i love my best friend because she calls up work and tells them that she has a family emergency so that we can hang out. hahaah
i love that bitch.


When i'm not working, my summer days ususally consist of two different things.

1)Delicious food, like fruit cups pictured to the left.

2)& bitches like marifel, a picture is also provided for you.

I hate working all the time.... actually i don't mind working all the time. I just wish i didn't have to work CLOSING shifts all the time, because i miss hanging out with my friends, and im too pooped to actually go out and do anything after work because i smell like icky waffle cones all the time and i love run on sentences, i am totally being an english teachers worst nightmare right now. bwha.

Anywhoo, i have today off and im going to buy some new cute dressies from americal apparel and im fairly excited. im picking jon up at 2 and we're meeting up with marifel to take the ferry over to seattle.
hooray for actually seeing some faces besides people from work.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


was my first day off since sunday of last week. So i ran some errands with mom and then later on in the afternoon i went to go get some starbucks with marifel, rented a movie, and bought a fruit cup at fred myers to munch on while i was at johns/driving. the creepiest thing happened to me yesterday while i was going to hollywood video though....
So marifel and i were walking out of fred myer and this old afriacan american guy ( and when i say old, i mean like 50!) walks by marifel and i as we were walking and he turns around and makes this "mmmhmmmm" kinda sound, and proceeds to give me the elevator eyes..... i stop right where i am standing because im slighty disgusted, paralyzed, and traumatized all at the same time. He walks into the walk in area and is still looking at my through the glass..... riight, i can't see you there dude.
Marifel has her draw dropped to the ground and i am STILL standing there and at the end of all of this you slowly hear the phrase "what....the...FUCK!" come outta my mouth.
then we both ran into hollywood video laughing our asses off because that was sooo disturbing.

well anywyas. after renting the movie we go to johns house for a little bit,and just hang and talk about how each others week has been so far, since i haven't really hung out with the boys since saturday. then dilley calls me and asks me to come over for dinner. Cindy made some awesome grilled zucchini and tomatoes with fetta cheese. it was AMAZING! Cindy also let me borrow her vegetarian cook book for a little while. i'm fairly excited for it. im not gonna lie.
Then dill and i went to manchester dock, ate popsicles , and talked until pretty much midnight.

it was a nice way to spend my day off.
now im going to get ready for work.
BOO to fuckin closing shifts!

Friday, August 1, 2008


My last day off was sunday. I don't get another day off till monday. fuck ass. but today is pretty much the only day that i don't have a closing shift.

After work veronica and i went to go get some food. it was yummy.
Ill put pictures from pista when veronica gets them up on myspace, once shes done editing and stuff.

On a different note, i've been having the strangest dreams lately. Take last night for example. Jeff was a "jumper" but he had to hold a cigarette to his forehead for it to work. WTF, and i've been having dreams about him again, i don't like it.

Here are some pictures and videos that veronica and i just took.