Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It went a little like this....

I was way too fuckin tired today to function (i like how i accidently typed down fuck instead of function the first time i tried to type this. ha) I had a pretty boring day at school. I think the only interesting thing that happened at school was randomly talking to the cute pianist in the music hall.... oh and i was randomly talking to some lady at the smoke shelter about her tattoo on her neck and she said she got it because it was her name when she was a drug dealer.... hmmmm, cool... kidding.

Went to work after school to go request some days off because of all the performances that we have coming up and heard that we hired like 7 new people.... holy shit.
sat in traffic FOR FUCKIN EVER and realized that i get really irritated when i let people into my lane and they don't give me a courtesy wave. fuckers....
then went out for sushi with marifel when i got back into town.

The waitress gave us cups to match our outfits.... pretty fuckin cute huh?
yeah i thought so too.
i'm listening to some good jazz tunes.... then im heading to bed.

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