Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pretty much the best cookie EVER

I went to the Social Security administrative building today during my break and i was there for like half an hour to talk to someone for about 2 minutes.
It sucked. And people kept looking at marifel and me because we were giggling.
This guy pretty much jumped me in line..... shoot, i thought it was funny.
Don'y stare at me because i have a sense of humor. Assholes.
Oh and also, on the way home from work, i was driving through Gorst and i had my windows down and i swear while i was passing through there... it smelt like fuckin WEED. it was soooo weird. Like Honestly?! weed?? Common people.

Well i don't think im going down to Oregon this weekend because i have to go to work on Sunday. So i'll have the house to myself.... Come keep me company dudes.

Now im gonna fall asleep watching Rob and Big and eattign Oreos.
Then im gonna work on my Study guide for a little bit and then Veronica is coming over and were making spaghetti for dinner.
mmmm, sounds like a good night to me :D

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