Friday, May 23, 2008


Please! Don't be one of THOSE mornings. I woke up completely energized from a pretty listless night and then i tried to print my study guide for Anatomy and i couldn't figure out how to work that shit. UGH.
Anatomy test today, auditions, folklife, and staying out tonight.
Tomorrow, BBQ with my favorites @ point no point which will involve boca burgers and vegetarian hot dogs for veronica and I. Family leaves for Oregon that night while i stay here cause i work on sunday.
Sunday night, the Lonely forest @ folklife.

i can't type right now.
i need to get ready for class.
i hate that my anatomy class is only 50 minutes and i hate my friday schedule, because i only have Anatomy and Jazz.
a fuckin 3 hour break.
really really?!?!?
i apologize for being somewhat bitter this morning.
it'll get better, i promise.

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