Friday, May 16, 2008

tired but happy.

im extremely tired. But im very very happy right now.
I woke up to sunshine, a pleasant surprise, and messy hair... i like messy hair.
So i got a new job yesterday.
Kinda random, but james called me up yesterday round 430 or so, and asked me if i was busy right now or if i would be busy that night, i told him i wasn't, and he hired me. LOL he knew i was looking for a job, and since his boss is gone for 3 weeks and they needed help, he hired me. Im really excited. It wasn't too bad. I closed yesterday, but on saturday they'll have me working on the stone. Im kinda excited.
I work from 10:30 to 5, so you guys should drop by if you want some ice cream.
It's the armed forces day parade that day. So it's gonna be hella busy.
woo hoo.
Hooray for money, new tattoos, and saving up for the new apartment :]
I'm totally going to wear a dress today.

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