Sunday, June 1, 2008

my feet hurt.

I know i look like a nerd with my glasses on... shut up >_<

Work was sooo busy today. And i had some pretty terrible customers today. You're getting ice cream... shouldn't you be like cheery or something. Oh goodness. It was soo long today. Thank goodness i only work 4 hours tomorrow. James and i ordered pizza for lunch. It was AMAZING. Did you hear me?!? I said AMAZING :] Mushroom and cheese pizza. oh man... soooo good.

So after work Christal, James, and I dropped Michelle home after work and on the way back to the marina we blasted some old coldplay and all sang along.... it may sound a little weird, but i felt really good, like strangely good inside (i know that you're thinking, you sickos.... but im trying to be serious here.) For once everything felt good, right, and i was totally content about everything. As of late i have been stressing out about certain things.... guy things, school things, work things, and family things; but in that one instance, that one moment, it felt like everything was going to be okay... that nothing really mattered. I have never felt that way before, and honestly, it was amazing, it was soo blissful, simply amazing.

When we got back to the marina we all went down by the water and just chilled and talked for like 2 hours. It got kinda chilly so we went back up to the store, ate pizza, and talked for another hour. It was nice. Im going to miss christal and james when they leave though :[. It was kinda funny though.... we had all of the lights on in the store and were hanging out in the front, like i was sitting on the counter eatting my pizza and we had a whole buncha people walked by the door and try to open it and get in, even though the store had been closed for about 2 and a half hours already.... silly kids.

I have to go into forever 21 tomorrow morning for orientation, im not gonna lie, im pretty excited about it. But my feet are killing me and i should get some sleep so that im not completely dead tomorrow... because after oreintation i have to go to church and then after that i have work from 4 till 8. Dude.. random, but its fuckin 1:00 in the morning and someone is fuckin going through the neighborhood reving their fuckin engine.... really.... like HONESTLY??!! I have my radio on and im in my room and i can still fuckin hear them. Assholes... people are trying to sleep. Get the fuck outta here.

Ugh, im going to bed.

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