Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Went to Chop Suey last night with Emelio, Forrest, and Veronica. It was pretty cool. We went to go eat something before the show. Boys payed for dinner <3. We had vegetarian pizza and it was amazingly good; half with olives and half without because emelio is picky lol. Chop Suey was a really cute place, never been in there before, but its a good atmosphere. Watched all of Tennis Pro, The Lonely Forest, and a few songs of Ludos. The Lonely Forest killed it though. Talked to the Bass player after his set and he said that they're playing with Cloud Cult this friday @ numos. I really want to go see that cause i love Cloud Cult, but im going to be at Green River CC for that Choral summit. ERG. maybe if it doesn't get out late, i can book it out there. Anyways, we watched like 1 song of ludos and then left because everyone had to be up early for school and work and shit and we still had to drive back home. I was seriously calling alseep while i was on my way home, not good.

I was soooo fuckin tired this morning. I set my alarm for 7:30 (my class is at nine) and i kept pressing snooze and didn't get outta bed until 10. if i press snooze, my alarm goes off every 5 minutes! how the hell did i sleep through that!?!? Ha. OH, i woke up this morning and was cleaning my ears (totally random, i know) and realized that i lost my OTHER treble clef earring. i was pissed, its probably somewhere on my bed.

well i should start getting ready if i wanna get parking for fuckin class.
I'll post pictures from last night later on tonight or something.

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