Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is what i do...

when i use my webcam.
So what?!
Yes we're kinda ridiculous!
AND WHAT???!!!

yes these were taken in one setting.
SIDENOTE: so a certain someone called me today and after talking to them for a while i kinda realized why i was so whishy washy when it came to romantic feelings for him. I know for sure that im not attracted to you in that way because you remind me of my ex boyfriends... except a little worse, which is kinda hard to accomplish. So congratulations on that one dude!

Remind me, when did i become such an asshole?
night lovelies <3

1 comment:

dame la taza. said...

i like the quality of your webcam lol...yeah, its true mi mamá y yo pasan un viaje en rio. haha, im working on it but im pretty sure thats how i saw my mom and i are going on a river trip.. i believe it will be in august!

yeah, nicole is a grad now..its pretty amazing! i'll definitely forward ur congrats.