Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whats up greater Seattle area?

So yesterday was cool. Veronica and I went out to some tattoo shops out in Seattle to get some estimates for birthday tattoos. It was way too fuckin hot yesterday, it was kinda ridiculous.
We went to Arayas Vegetarian Place for lunch... we ate at the buffet and it was fuckin amazing ass food :D. I have pictures from lunch. You'll notice as the pictures progress you can see our facial expressions change from happy to extremely full, all within the course of one plate of food. LMAO.

Some shops that we went to are...
Deep Roots on the Ave
Slave to the Needle in Wallingford
Slave to the Needle in Ballard
and then Anchor Tattoo in Ballard.
i think im liking Anchor tattoo out in ballard the best.

I'm watching "The Onion News" with veronica right now. So here are some pictures from yesterday. I'll post some ridiculous video up when they're uploaded as well.

Enjoy, lovelies <3

On the Ferry
"My names Veronica... and im cute."


You meet some creeps on the bus.
Imma Happy Camper @ Arayas :D
Veronica was too.
Till we ate a little too much
This was me after one plate.
She does that when she's hungry.
Out in Ballard
The wheat feild!

It was too hot. We had to stop and sit in the shade.
This girl on the ferry had Fred Flinstone Feet. EWWW

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