Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm not going to do well on my next anatomy lab exam. Theres just too much shit that i need to memorize within the next 2 days. Yeah it's not gonna happen. So i just need to let it go and whatever happens happens. Im going to go through the bones of the skeleton though, but im not gonna stress about the other stuff, im just gonna hella study for the last exam.
I went into forever 21 today and talked to sophia about getting all fridays, saturdyas , and sundays off and she said that she needs me and if im not able to do so that i can just resign. So im going to tell her that im resigning.... im too busy to get trained this week anyways, plus ill save gas if i just work full time at the stone. no worries.

Anyways... here are some pictures from the Bonfire @ Kats house after our last jazz night. Possibly a video too.
Enjoy dudes.

Kat driving out to the roxy for our sound check.
Whoring it up in the dressing room before the show.

Jess, Chrissie, James, and Liv at the Bon fire.

Richard, Chante,Rachel,Andrew, and Zack. This picture is sooo funny.

nice fire, eh?!

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