Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ahh yeah.

Finished my finals today. HELL FUCKIN YEAH!
im done for 3 months bitches! All i have are the last 2 Chamber performances.

Got outta my final an hour early, so i went to the bookstore and sold back my Anatomy book and clicker and got $113 for those 2 things. Mmmhmm :]. Went and deposited that money into my checking account, deposited my forever 21 check and coldstone check today too. Then went to marifels house and hung out with her, veronica, and john for a little while.
Went to get some sushi @ Mana. Then went to Christals house to watch some Margaret Cho and hing out with her, james, veronica, and steph for a little bit.

Im on call tomorrow for work. BLEH. i hope i dont have to go in so that i can go to bellevue tomorrow. If i do end up going to bellevue you'll get pictures, for sure.

I act this way because you drive me up the wall!

We were watching Bizzare Foods w/ Andrew Zimmern.

Bebs and Me. I look like a BITCH

Brother and Sister :]

I don't like Wasabi.... so i use it to write stuff on my plate.

Hardcore Nerds. i know, i know.

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