Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

So my favorites (John, Anthony, Veronica, Marifel, and Keish) and I are at Antons house and the girls and I wanted some condoms so we were looking in anthonys room and we're unsucessful. But we found a whole buncha interesting stuff instead.
So we took pictures and were just whoring on his webcam.
So we have like a billion pictures.

I guess everyone is coming over to my house tonight and we're watching movies and shit like that. My house is gonna be packed tonight because anthony is bringing a girl over, adrian is coming over and so is reslyn. Hmmm, sounds like tonight is gonna be chill.

Things that we found in Anthonys room : Big ass Random Flower, Go Cart card, BCG's, a wooden flute, Protein powder, and tickets for the nutcracker.

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