Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I should be packing.

But i'm not.

I just finished making a Check list for things i need to pack/have for tomorrow.

I hope i didn't miss anything. I totally put sophie on my check list. I kinda take her whenever i travel (I like how i talk about her like shes a real person and not a stuffed animal.) I've had that stuffed animal ever since i started dating Jarrid. Good lord that was sooooo long ago. Shes all tattered, ripped, and the saddest excuse for a stuffed animal ever. Oh yeah, she's missing an eyeball too. So sad.

Andrew is going to pick me up @ 530 in the morning. Erg. I have a feeling that im totally not going to be able to get any sleep like i did last night. I'm not going to bring the laptop when i leave tomorrow; the result of this will be me not blogging or whoring myself out on myspace. It's like a drug, i'll probably just end up smoking more because i'll be suffereing from withdrawl or something. Is it sad that i have cigs on my check list :X Yeah, i thought so too. They'll probably take my lighter away when im at the airport.
I don't really know what im not allowed to have. I'm going to be screwed if i get up there and i have my contact solution, lotion, and ear antiseptic stuff and they tell me that im only allowed a certain fl oz of it. ergggg. I probably should check up on that stuff.
FUCK, i have so much shit to do, but i'm feeling so listless and unmotivated right now. I need to shower, pack, work on my scat solos.

I get back on friday night. My brothers show is that day. I have to say that im a little disappointed that i've never been able to make it out to one of his shows yet. Well, a lot of them are 21+ gigs, BUT the one on friday is all ages. So i'm gonna try to get to that one. My flight lands @ 6:something and i think his show starts @ 9...... it's @ UW, so i think i'll just try to make it out that way. Still need to get the ride situation figured out though.

Well i probably will try to get some stuff done for tomorrow.
I've decided that i'm gonna try to pull an all nighter and just knock out during the flight.
Did i mention how much i can't handle landing on a plane? Decreasing pressure why do you hate me so?!! Last time i went to Europe it hurt so bad that i started crying and brennan was sitting next to me; he started rubbing my back and stuff to make me feel better. Whatta sweetheart. I hope that whoever i sit next to on the flight will be just as kind to me.
Have sympathy for me damnit!

Oh, and yes i am aware that i look like a 12 yr old in that picture with sophie.
shut up.

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