Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live from Colorado.

So i'm in the hotel room, i just got back from hot tubbin a little bit with everyone. I decided to leave a little early because i am seriously really tired and need to chill out because for the past 2 days i have been running on a minimal amount of sleep, i'm actually a little surprised that i can still form complete and coherent sentences.
Today has been a really chill day. We got to the airport early, so we were just chillin t the gate; doing homework, lisening to music, talking, you know. The flight wasn't all that bad either. Besides the fact that when they served me my water it tasted like someone put a whole buncha salt in it. Ick. The flight was really really short which is good because i get restless fairly easily. I have some really cute pictures from the flight and some from the airport while we were waiting. Ahem.... like the picture that can be seen on your left.

We're staying at the Hampton tonight.... the girls and i got the best room out of ALL of them. No lie :]
it's pretty darn sweet. Theres a flatscreen, 2 couches, a nice as bathroom. Theres so much room in here, seriously. We could have a party in hre if we wanted to. hehe.

But yeah. Heres whats going down tomorrow.
10:00- Lave Hotel for UNC
2- Perofrmance
We're also going to watch Take 6 peform, which i am reall really excited for :D
and we're going to a club to listen and ALSO perform our charts :]
So all in all, its gonna be a day full of good jazz music and tons of fun!

When i get home on friday, ill be out in U District to watch my brothers band perform.
So if you wanna hang out friday night, let me know.
I'm going to take a shower, i smell like chlorine, its icky.

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