Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A good day.

Since everyone complains about how they are never able to read my blogs on myspace....some of you shouldn't be TRYING to read that stuff anyways.... and since i've given up on lj and xanga, i thought i would try something new. So here it is, my new and improved journal, blog, entry, thingy.

Today was a really good day for me. Got my first Anatomy and Physiology test of the quarter back and i got an 82% on it; i seirously was expecting way worse, considering the fact that the night before exam i just went to see Andrea perform and hung out with kyle till late and when i got home i didn't feel like studying. (Side note: i love run on sentences.) I took my Lab exam for wednesday today, since im leaving for Colorado on wednesday morning..... felt pretty confident about that one. Also, i went to my job interview today and it went pretty well. I have a 2nd interview tomorrow as well... ugh, i need to wear something cute again. Why am i such a fashion whore?!
Hung out with marifel after my interview and got some starbucks...mmmm iced carmel macchiatos. So apparently we went out to get starbucks yesterday as well, but i honestly have no recollection of this ever occourring. hmmm, i like how im still in my "teen" years but i have the worst memeory ever..... probably because i have too much useless shit in my head that i can't seem to fit anything else in.
Ask me about the circle of perfect 5ths; i know it like the back of my hand.
Ask me about the different types of proteins that can be found in the fluid mosaic model; i can tell you in my sleep.
But ask me about going to starbucks yesterday afternoon; in my mind it never happened.
K, so maybe my brain isn't really filled with useless shit, but still.....

Its like 12:34 and i'm waiting for my laundry to dry. Thinking about shit that i need to pack for wednesday morning. And thinking about finishing up my "Fremont Boy" song tonight.
I have class @ 9 tomorrow.... you think i would want "get some sleep" on that list.
Sleep is for the weak.

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