Tuesday, August 5, 2008


was my first day off since sunday of last week. So i ran some errands with mom and then later on in the afternoon i went to go get some starbucks with marifel, rented a movie, and bought a fruit cup at fred myers to munch on while i was at johns/driving. the creepiest thing happened to me yesterday while i was going to hollywood video though....
So marifel and i were walking out of fred myer and this old afriacan american guy ( and when i say old, i mean like 50!) walks by marifel and i as we were walking and he turns around and makes this "mmmhmmmm" kinda sound, and proceeds to give me the elevator eyes..... i stop right where i am standing because im slighty disgusted, paralyzed, and traumatized all at the same time. He walks into the walk in area and is still looking at my through the glass..... riight, i can't see you there dude.
Marifel has her draw dropped to the ground and i am STILL standing there and at the end of all of this you slowly hear the phrase "what....the...FUCK!" come outta my mouth.
then we both ran into hollywood video laughing our asses off because that was sooo disturbing.

well anywyas. after renting the movie we go to johns house for a little bit,and just hang and talk about how each others week has been so far, since i haven't really hung out with the boys since saturday. then dilley calls me and asks me to come over for dinner. Cindy made some awesome grilled zucchini and tomatoes with fetta cheese. it was AMAZING! Cindy also let me borrow her vegetarian cook book for a little while. i'm fairly excited for it. im not gonna lie.
Then dill and i went to manchester dock, ate popsicles , and talked until pretty much midnight.

it was a nice way to spend my day off.
now im going to get ready for work.
BOO to fuckin closing shifts!

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