Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As of late,

life has been treating me pretty well. I got to have a girls night with BBFQ a few nights ago, which was fantastic because i haven't hung out with all of them together since new years. I thought things would be awkward with Shannon and i since we haven't spoken to each other since our little fall out back in june, but it didn't matter.
We all drank wine and talked about the most interesting things. I love that we can all have something to talk about regardless of how long its been since we all last talked, it isn't awkward at all. Im glad i have friends like that.

Work has had me stressed out because im not very good at controlling labor yet and its something that devin has had to talk to me about on several different occasions, but hopefully i can figure it out sooner rather than later.

i have to go to work now. but just thought i would tell you that life is good right now.
oh, and BTW, im going to see rock votaloto on saturday and im fairly excited for that one <3

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