Thursday, August 7, 2008


When i'm not working, my summer days ususally consist of two different things.

1)Delicious food, like fruit cups pictured to the left.

2)& bitches like marifel, a picture is also provided for you.

I hate working all the time.... actually i don't mind working all the time. I just wish i didn't have to work CLOSING shifts all the time, because i miss hanging out with my friends, and im too pooped to actually go out and do anything after work because i smell like icky waffle cones all the time and i love run on sentences, i am totally being an english teachers worst nightmare right now. bwha.

Anywhoo, i have today off and im going to buy some new cute dressies from americal apparel and im fairly excited. im picking jon up at 2 and we're meeting up with marifel to take the ferry over to seattle.
hooray for actually seeing some faces besides people from work.


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