Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my apologies.

Yes, you have been neglected and forgotten.
im sorry.
work, sleep, friends, iphone, and being a slut have taken over my life the past couple of weeks.

Not much is new.
Louie left last week..... won't be able to see him till october, possibly longer :/
Everyone is leaving for Cali this weekend.
Marifel leaves on friday.... aw ill miss my roomie
Momma leaves on Saturday (although i work from like noon to 8 that day)
then John and Anthony leave on sunday morning.... Veronica and I are dropping them off to the airport.

School starts in a little less than a month. im feeling a little apathetic towards it. i just wanna be done with school.shit son.

Heres something i found in my Journal.
not everyone will get it.
"August 7th 2008
i saw it coming. i saw myself climbing up the cliff. i saw myself go up to the ledge.... i looked down at everything before me... i contemplated coming down from a safer route... but i didn't. i stood on the ledge and peered over; once or twice i thought of how [pretty it was from up there. I didn't want to come down. i want to come down now, but theres no easy way down now. Theres only one way to get down... and its with a painful leap that will have a bad and messy ending."

Gotta get ready for work.
just thought i would let you all know that im still alive and kickin.

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