Sunday, June 21, 2009

oh wow.

I was randomly looking through my old blog posts on my myspace and found this.

Friday, September 08, 2006

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A friend once told me that it's not about why someone that you love/loves you would do anything to hurt you. Lie, Cheat, Disappoint, etc.

It's more about a person not wanting to believe that someone that you care about, that someone you trusted, that someone that you gave your heart to, would or actually could be capable of doing something like that. You don't WANT to believe that the one who you cared about soo much would do something of that nature if they knew that the outcome would cause you some sort of pain.

We as humans are so complicated. Why does eveything need to be a guessing game?

Why the hell did it take me like 2 fuckin hours to write this? ohh yeahh because i was too busy doing 4289749374893 other things at once.

G'night dearies."

Ha, somethings just don't change.
im trying... really hard.

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