Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye two thousand hate

Dear 2008,

You were the year for hook ups, shake ups, and break ups. Although it was a fun year, it was a tough one. You forced me to learn a lot about myself. Stuck me in situations that i would not have thought that i'd be in...ever. You put me in the most uncomfortable situations sometimes, but i didn't mind it, i liked the challenge. I liked seeing how i reacted during them.
I would love to say that i've grown from the experiences that happened in "Two Thousand Hate" but only time can tell. I guess what im trying to say is that, you were awesome, but im totally ready for something new. I know that this new year will bring in some better and more challenging experiences for me.
Goodbye 2008.... and as for you 2009, all i can say to you is "FUCKIN BRING IT"

♥ Kimberlie

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dame la taza. said...

hey kim, i really like that picture of the needle in your blog! i did take penny to the vet, and he gave me some pills to give her. its not the easiest thing to glad i still have 5 fingers on each hand lol. but penny is doing better, and im happy now that i don't need to clean any more puke from the carpet lol.