Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blame it on my Youth

Richard introduced me to this song last week.
I fell in love.
This song pretty much sums up my experiences with love.
So thank you Richard, i know you were uber drunk when you sang this to me, but whatever.
haha, this is a cover, but im in love with this guys voice.
If you get a chance, check out the version by Jamie Cullum.... Fuckin Amazing.
Thank goodness for Jazz nights and looking for old jazz standards ♥

If, I expected love, when first we kissed, blame it on my youth
If only just for you, I did exist, blame it on my youth
I believed in everything
Like a child of three
You meant more than anything
You meant all the world to me

If, you were on my mind, all night and day, blame it on my youth
If, I forgot to eat, and sleep and pray, blame it on my youth
If I cried a little bit, when first I learned the truth
Don’t blame it on my heart, blame it on my youth

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