Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hi, im Kimberlie

and i have commitment issues......

When i was the ripe age of 17 i fell in love for the first time, and people around me at the time can vouch about this, i fell HARD. I fell for a boy (notice how i say boy and NOT man) who made my heart skip a beat, who would open doors for me, and who would ultimately break me like a porcelain doll being dropped onto a concrete floor. It was a disaster; i cried myself to sleep for almost 2 years because of that relationship, and although all that shit happened... i missed him. I missed the things that we used to do together, i missed being myself around him without having to worry, and i missed the security of having someone that cared for me.After everything was all said and done, my heart mended again, i decided..... that im so young. I had all the time in the world to find "Mr Right." If there is such a thing.What people need to understand is that, i like to have fun. I like to meet new people, i like the rush of kissing someone for the first time, and also the rush of waking up the next morning and seeing your clothes scattered all over the floor.Think what you want of those statements, but just know that im living my life the way that i want to. Im meeting new people and finding out the different qualities that i like to have in a man that im dating. When im ready to settle down, i will. When someone is amazing enough to sweep me off my feet again, i'll be ready. Call me picky, call me high maintenance, but im not settling for anything less than i want... especially when it comes to men.
you still dont get it?!
Key Points: I don't like to exclusively date people (as of this point and moment in my life)
I like to have fun, it doesn't mean im a slut, whore, or bad person
Im still looking for qualities in men that i want to have in my life.

Theres a little lesson on my view of relationships and history of love.

Learn how to deal with it please.

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