Sunday, November 9, 2008

Its a little strange...

I awoke with the sound of cars steadily making their way down the street, with the sun just making its way into the room. Awoke in a bed different from my own, a bed that i havent been in in months. Stared blankly at the floor below and saw my dress, thrown carelessly onto it from the night before.

Its a little weird. I thought that i was done with everything... i mean it had been months since the last time that i had to drive down 45th at that time of night. My stomach was in knots as i drove under the bridge and made that sharp right hand turn up to his place. Weird..... is the only word that i can think of right now. So much happened. This was my view on the way home, it was a bitter sweet taste in my mouth.

I just dont know what to think anymore. Sometimes i wonder if my heart knows something that my brain doesn't. Maybe thats why i keep making this choice over and over again? Then again i could just be making the same mistake over and over again... im not really sure what the deal is.
Personal blog will be up on my myspace in a few days.

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