Saturday, September 27, 2008

What have i gotten myself in to?

I am still alive.... just barely though.

Jazzline, School, and Working the closing shifts are slowly starting to beat me down. I don't know if i can work on a full schedule. We got about 7 new pieces of music. We have 10 weeks till our first Jazz festival, and im scared shitless about how the group is going to do this year. I came in a quarter later than everyone else did last year; supposedly its always this stressful the first month, just because things need to be organized and praticing habits need to be established.
Still im a bit overwhelmed. 

considering getting a new job,  although i love the one i have right now, i cant handle having to close by myself all week.... no opening shifts for me because my schedule doesnt permit me to do so. Im at school from 9 till 3, with only an hour break for lunch... then i have my shifts from 4 till close.

oh god, what have i gotten myself into....

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