Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello you

it seems that this blog has been neglected, i apologize.

need an update?
Well ill give you your fill.

Work, School, and Jazz (yes, it is a league of its own) have created a black hole that has taken over my social life. I barely see anyone (unless they're my jazz buddies or people from work,) suckyyyyy! i barely get to see my parents anymore either. Hell, dad called me up earlier this week and left me a voicemail that went along the lines of this....
" Hey kim, just calling because i haven't seen you at all this week. Just wanted to see what you were up to and how school and work are going."
i didnt get to answer because i was in class. It just seems like a strange thing because i live with him.... hmmmm weird.

on a lighter note, we have a lot of traveling coming up after spring break. We get to sing at the Fullerton Jazz festival, Disneyland, and Mt Hood. Kinda stoked :)

um... i think thats pretty much it.
oh, Jazzline gets to sing with Gretta Matassa tonight, over at Tula's out in seattle.... gonna be a really cool gig.
ill let you know how that goes.

um... yeah, thats all.
bye ♥

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